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Disneyland’s Splash Mountain Accessibility Information

On July 17, 1989, Disneyland’s Splash Mountain opened with unexpected results.

The executives who were the first to ride were getting soaked instead of lightly sprayed with water.

This caused the ride opening date to be delayed for months so that the boats could be re-designed.

It is our opinion that they have never achieved a light spray. More often than not, you will get soaked.

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If you prefer to not spend the rest of your day or a few hours soaked, you may want to bring along a poncho. The queen of our crew doesn’t like to get her hair wet and suggests wearing a shower cap!

While a generally slow- moving ride, it does boast some wild dips and has a few jarring turns.

There are a total of three major dips.

The final dip drops you 5 stories!!

If you have a preference of where you are comfortable sitting, be sure to notify the cast member as they will accommodate you.

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Disneyland suggests that guests should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by this adventure. Expectant mothers should not ride.

Attraction Information

  • Rider Switch
  • Must transfer from ECV or wheelchair
  • Single Rider
  • Fast Pass
  • Minimum Height: 40 INCHES

Accessibility Information


Follow the instructions given to you by Guest Relations

What’s DAS and Disneyland’s mobility access program? Click here to find out!

Wheelchairs/ECVs/Service Animals

This attraction requires a Disabled Return Time unless the wait time is very low or there is no cast member present at the exit.

The handicapped entrance is located at the exit which is all the way in the back of Critter Country.

Go to the exit and ask the cast member for a return time.

During your wait, you have the options of shopping at Pooch’s store, meeting and having your picture taken with Pooh and friends, riding Winnie the Pooh’s ride (no return time is needed for this attraction), or stop for a bite to eat at The Hungry Bear restaurant.

Note that there is a very steep
the hill that takes you in and out of Critter Country, which can be difficult for those using wheelchairs.

When your return time arrives, go back to the exit and let the cast member know that you are returning.

You will then make your way through the exit.


There are several blind corners.

Most people do not see the mirrors at the tops of these corners and will run into you. Use the mirrors to prevent collisions.

The worst part of this queue is getting past the area where guests view the photos of themselves from the ride. This area gets very congested.

Wait for instructions from a cast member once you have reached the loading area.

Guests with service animals have two choices. Utilize rider switch (one member of your party stays with the service animal while the others ride, then they and one more person from your party may ride when you return) or use the dog crate available at the handicap loading area. Note that cast members are not permitted to handle service animals.

Cast members may not assist guests while transferring from their wheelchair or ECV.

Guests must be able to transfer
themselves or with the assistance from the guests in their party.

You will exit the same way you entered.

Your picture will not be on the wall like other guests, go to the photo store outside the exit, and request to see yours or if you have max pass included with your ticket, you can view it later on the app or online.

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