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Which Disneyland Restrooms are Mobility Aid Friendly

In this post we are sharing which Disneyland restrooms are best when using a wheelchair or rollator.

The queen of our crew has been using a mobility aid of one kind or another in the parks since 2005. Save yourself some frustration and avoid the restrooms that she has rated mobility aid unacceptable.

This post currently only has information in regards to companion and women’s restrooms. We will add information about the men’s restrooms in the future.

All restrooms have at least one stall large enough for a wheelchair.

Restrooms that have room for a guest, their wheelchair, and companions to assist them are noted in the descriptions.

*=recommended for wheelchairs – These are our recommendations, as all could be used.

Refer to park maps (available at park gates and online) for locations.

Just because a restroom has a handicap accessible stall, it doesn't mean that it is easy to reach it with your wheelchair or rollator! The Mouseketeers share which Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure restrooms really are mobility aid friendly!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Meaning that at no additional cost to you, we receive a commission from sales made through our links.


  • *Closest restrooms when entering from Downtown Disney, located in the Northwest corner. There is a wheelchair-accessible stall as you enter. Note that there is just enough room for a wheelchair. If you need a stall large enough for a companion to assist you, go all the way to the back of the restroom. There isn’t a door at the entrance of this facility, making it easy to enter with a wheelchair.
  • *The 2nd set of restrooms in the esplanade is located east of the California Adventure entrance. Easy to enter with a wheelchair.

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Main Street

  • Restroom 1: This restroom is located past the east tunnel entrance next to Disneyana. I do not recommend this for guests using wheelchairs. It is located in a narrow walkway and has a heavy door.
  • *Restroom 2: This Companion Restroom is located past the west tunnel entrance next to City Hall/Guest Relations. This is a Companion Restroom only.
  • Restroom 3: Located on the other side of City Hall/Guest Relations is a restroom that while has a handicap stall, I do not recommend for wheelchairs. The ramp goes all the way to the door. This makes it impossible to open the door without rolling backward. The door is heavy and the pathway to the stalls is narrow, there is no room for a guest to walk past a wheelchair.
  • Restroom 4: Located near the center of Main Street by the Carnation Café. I do not recommend this restroom for wheelchairs because the pathway and doorway are very narrow and hard to get through when there is more than a few people.
  • *Restroom 5: This Companion Restroom is located in the First Aid Center at the end of Main Street next to the Plaza Inn.
  • *Restroom 6: Located past the Plaza Inn just before the entrance to Tomorrowland. This location is tucked in a corner and not always as busy as other locations. This location is easy to enter with a wheelchair.


  • *Restroom 7: Located at the exit of Space Mountain. Easy to enter and has a Companion Stall.
  • *Restroom 8: Located next to the Tomorrowland railroad station this location also has a Companion Restroom.

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  • Restroom 9: Located next to the “gas station”. Entrance is narrow for wheelchairs.

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  • Restroom 10: Located at the entrance of the Fantasyland Theater across from “it’s a small world”.
  • *Restroom 11: Companion Restroom located by the entrance of the Fantasyland Theater.
  • Restroom 12: Located in the far west corner of Fantasyland. Can be difficult to enter, but has a companion stall and is easy to get around once in.
  • *Restroom 13: Located on the west side of the Matterhorn, between Alice in Wonderland and Pixie Hollow. Fairly easy to enter as long as it is not overly crowded and has a companion stall.

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  • Restroom 14: Located just past the entrance of Adventureland as you pass the Enchanted Tiki Room. While this location does have a companion stall, the entrance is difficult to enter and the handicap stalls are all the way in the back. This restroom is usually very busy.
  • *Restroom 15: Located at the top of the ramp near the Enchanted Tiki Room’s entrance. Companion Restroom.

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New Orleans Square

  • Restroom 16: Located east of the Mint Julip Bar and New Orleans train station. It has a narrow and difficult entrance. However, the companion stall is at the front. I would only recommend this for guests using wheelchairs if they are unable to wait until they are in another land.

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Critter Country

  • *Restroom 17: Located beneath the Hungry Bear Restaurant. Take the path towards Star Wars Galaxy Edge and you will see the entrance to the downstairs seating for Hungry Bear on your left. This restroom is easy to enter and has a companion stall.
  • *Restroom 18: Companion Restroom located at the Hungry Bear Restaurant on upper level in the back.

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  • Restroom 19: Located in the Rancho del Zocalo restaurant. Not easy to access by wheelchair.

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Star Wars Galaxy Edge

  • Restroom 20: Located near the entrance of the marketplace when entering from the resistance area. The best in the entire park!!! I have yet to check out the companion restroom beside the women’s restrooms, but the women’s restroom itself is amazing!!! Spacious, easy to get around with a mobility aid, plus the best part is that there are TWO companion sized stalls and TWO stalls that are large enough for one person and a wheelchair or rollator that have doors that open outward!!!
  • *Restroom 21: Located around the corner from the Droid Depot. There is a companion restroom located across from the woman’s restroom. In the main woman’s restroom, there is one companion stall and one large stall that could fit a mobility aid user and their device, except the door hinges were installed incorrectly. It has been brought to the attention of Disney that it needs to be reversed. We will let you know when it has been fixed.

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California Adventure

Buena Vista Street

  • *Restroom 2: Located to the west (left) as you enter California Adventure. Easy to enter with a wheelchair.
  • *Restroom 3: This Companion Restroom is located on the east side by the First Aid Center.

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  • *Restroom 4: Located next to Disney Jr Live on Stage. Easy to enter with a wheelchair.
  • *Restroom 5: Located on the east end of Hollywoodland, this restroom is easy to enter with a wheelchair.


  • *Restroom 8: This Companion Restroom is located Flo’s V8 Café. Be warned, this companion restroom is not as nice as all the others. At first, I thought Disney had lost their minds, until I realized they intended to make it look like a gas station bathroom!!
  • *Restroom 9: Located next to the companion restrooms and is easy to enter with a wheelchair.

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Pacific Wharf

  • *Restroom 10: Located just before you enter the back entrance to Carsland. This location is easy to enter with a wheelchair.

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Pixar Pier

  • *Restroom 11: Located behind the carousel and easy to enter with a wheelchair.
  • Restroom 12: Located in the Paradise Garden Grill outdoor eating area. Easy to enter with a wheelchair when not crowded.

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Grizzly Peaks

  • *Restroom 13: Located between The Little Mermaid ride and Grizzly River Run. This restroom is easy to enter with a wheelchair when not busy and the companion stall is in the back.
  • *Restroom 14: This Companion Restroom is located next to restroom 13.
  • *Restroom 15: Located across from Soarin’. This location is easy to enter with a wheelchair.

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