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Space Mountain Accessibility Information -Disneyland

Thrill Ride

Space Mountain is an indoor roller coaster.

At times it is transformed into Hyperspace Mountain which takes you on a Star Wars adventure. This overlay comes and goes with little notice.

Most years, this attraction gets a makeover for the Halloween holiday season. Ghost Galaxy my be scary for younger riders.

Space Mountain is an indoor thrill ride with many drops and turns. This is a fast, dark, and loud ride with many drops and turns. While the ride only reaches a speed of 35mph, it feels faster because of the fans that blow wind. A tip for anyone whose eyes are sensitive to the wind is to wear safety goggles. By wearing clear safety goggles I am able to see the sights of this attraction without tears streaming down my face due to sensitive eyes.

There are flashing lights and loud noises in this dark and fast ride.

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The Mountains Are Calling Big Thunder Space Splash


  • Rider Switch
  • Video Captioning
  • Fast Pass
  • Minimum Height: 40 inches
  • Service Animals: Not permitted on this attraction. Must be placed in a crate provided by attraction or guests may take turns riding with rider switch.
  • Must transfer from wheelchair/ECV
The Mountains Are Calling Big Thunder Space Splash

Disneyland advises that guests should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back
or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by this adventure.
Expectant mothers should not ride

Disney Parks Space Mountain Mickey Mouse Ears Hat Ornament

Disney Parks Space Mountain Mickey Mouse Ears Hat Ornament

The Queue

The queue is NOT ADA compliant. To accommodate disabled guests, Disneyland provides an alternate entrance located at the exit. More details about that below in the accessibility instructions.

There are stairs at the standard exit of the ride. If you are not able to use a staircase, speak with the cast member located at the exit of the attraction. They will most likely tell you to follow the handicap instructions below.

Click here to learn more about DAS and Disabled Return Times

KNEX Disney Parks Space Mountain Roller Coaster Buidling Set

KNEX Disney Parks Space Mountain Roller Coaster Buidling Set


Follow the instructions given by Guest Relations

Wheelchair, ECV, and Service Animals

This attraction requires a Disabled Return Time or a Fast Pass.

Enter this attraction at the exit, even if you have a Fast Pass. When you arrive at the exit, you must check in with the cast member.

If you and other members of your party have a Fast Pass, the cast member will immediately put you into the handicapped queue. If you do not have a Fast Pass, you and the rest of your party will need to get a return time.

Upon returning, the cast member will rescan everyone’s pass and direct you into the handicapped queue. We find it is best to have everyone’s pass loaded onto at least on phone so they can scan everyone in at once via the app.

When it is time to enter the attraction, you will have to make your way through the sea of people who have just exited the attraction from the standard unloading area as the screens to view the pictures taken while on the ride, are located between the handicapped queue and the handicapped entrance. This makes getting in and out of the area complicated.


Take the handicapped hall slowly. While you are heading down, other guests are on their way up. There are mirrors located in corners to help guests see if it is safe to go around corners. Paying attention to these mirrors will lessen your chance of colliding with another guest.

Once you reach the bottom a cast member will direct you to the handicapped loading/unloading area. They will assign you a row to sit in, remember to mention your preference of seating if you have one.
You don’t have to sit in the first row if you don’t want to. Just remember that having a seating preference may cause you to have to wait longer.

Cast members may not assist guests while transferring from their wheelchair or ECV. Guests must be able to transfer themselves or with the assistance from the guests in their party. There is a step down into the ride vehicle which could make transferring from a wheelchair difficult.

The loading/unloading area for the handicapped is pretty cool. The only downside is that the floor area next to the ride area is narrow and can get pretty hard to get through when there are more than two wheelchairs in it.

Other than that, this loading area is wonderful. Because it is set aside from the standard area, handicapped guests never feel rushed while loading or unloading. We are able to take our time without feeling like we are slowing the attraction down for anyone else.

Once everyone is seated and secure, the track shifts to place the vehicle on the regular track. When the ride ends, you will pass the standard unloading area and the track will slide, clearing the way for the standard vehicles.

You will exit the way you entered.


Ride Picture!

Your photo will be taken while on this attraction. However, if you are riding in the handicap accessible vehicle, the picture will be gone from the viewing area before you arrive to that area. The only way to retrieve the number to purchase or download with your Max Pass is to go to the camera shop located on Main Street. This is a major inconvenience that we hope Disneyland will address in the future.

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Space Mountain accessibility information to help you know what to expect on your next visit to Disneyland.

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