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Uva Bar and Cafe Food Allergy Information And Review – Disneyland Downtown District

Food allergies can make dining out a nightmare unless you know where to go! Today we are sharing our experience with food allergies at Downtown Disney’s Uva Bar and Cafe.

If you are not familiar with it, the Uva Bar and Cafe is located in the center of the downtown district at the Disneyland Resort. It is an outdoor eating area that is near the Disney Home store and Sprinkles cupcakes.

Reservations are highly recommended, especially during the pandemic reopening phases.

The Uva Bar and Cafe is a great place to enjoy a cocktail and grab a bit to eat. Many of the items served are shareable, which makes for a great happy hour experience. Enjoy a burger, wrap, fish taco, or salad with your beer, glass of wine, or cocktail.

All restaurants on the Disneyland property have modified their menus during the reopening process. What you see on the official Disneyland app may not reflect the current menu or pricing.

Have food allergies? Read the Mouseketeer's Uva Bar and Cafe food allergy and review, before making reservations for your next visit to Disneyland's Downtown District!


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Food Allergies

Never in our history of dining anywhere at the Disneyland Resort, Downtown District, or parks have we ever come across such amazing service in regards to food allergies.

When making your reservation through the official Disneyland app, there is an area for you to note your food allergies. If you forget or they are able to seat you without a reservation, be sure to inform the hostess of any food allergies or sensitivities. We forgot and did it upon arrival. To be honest, had we realized how few items met my needs, we probably wouldn’t have eaten there. However, I am glad we did because we got to experience firsthand the awesomeness of the staff.

For those with the most common food allergies such as gluten, nuts, and shellfish, there is an allergy menu available. My allergies are not the norm. I am allergic to citrus, mainly lemons and limes. This includes fresh lemon and lime juice as well as flavoring.


My daughter and I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Wrap and Fish Tacos to share. Because of my allergies, the chef had to put a lot of what was to go on the food on side dishes. The slaw that was supposed to top the tacos, the buffalo sauce, and even the ranch dressing contained lemon and lime juice/seasoning. This left me with a piece of fish in a tortilla and a bland chicken wrap.

While typically a reason to not want to return, the lengths the entire staff went to in order to make sure that I didn’t have an allergic reaction during my visit was amazing. Never has a restaurant, Disney or not, read every label of every item that went into a recipe for me.


Prior to the pandemic shutdown, pricing ranged from $15-35 per person. During the reopening phases, this establishment along with 90% of the places to eat at the Disneyland Resort have increased their pricing. You can get a plate of fries for $15, but a burger, wrap, or taco with fries will set you back $20.

Unlike park meals, the servings are not large. Lunch for three set us back $120. That included one appetizer, two entrees with fries, three soft drinks, and one cocktail.

Our hope is that the prices will decrease after they are able to seat and serve at a regular capacity.


Overall, we enjoyed our dining experience at the Uva Bar and Cafe.

Although there is very little I can eat there, my family and I will return. I plan on ordering the Buffalo Chicken Wrap again, but next time I will bring along my own sauce!

And even if we choose to not dine there, we will definately be back for the drinks and desserts!

Have you dined at the Uva Bar and Cafe?

What was your experience with food allergies?

Do you have a favorite food or drink?

I highly recommend the Salted Caramel Martini to anyone 21 years of age and older!

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