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Award Wieners Reopening Menu Includes The Famous Disneyland Corn Dog

There is a reason everyone raves about Disneyland’s corn dogs! They are delicious! And during the reopening phase of the Disneyland Resort Parks, Award Wieners on Buena Vista Street is offering these famous corn dogs!

This is awesome news for anyone who may not have been able to afford a park ticket prior to the shutdown. Now is your chance to visit and order one without purchasing a park ticket. Not only do you get to enjoy an amazing corn dog, but you can walk around and see some of the theme park.

For those of you who have frequented Award Wieners in Disney’s California Adventure prior to the shutdown, be warned that there has been a change in the menu.

Today we are sharing what is available, what to try, and what not to order!

Pub table and view of trolley from Award Wieners at Disneyland's California Adventure

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Award Wieners Temporary Menu

When we first heard that the Disneyland corn dog was going to be served at Award Wieners, we assumed it was going to be in addition to their other fabulous hot dogs. But we were wrong! It was in lieu of. So, do not go expecting to order what you did earlier in the year.

What is available is this:

  • Corn dog
  • Hot link corn dog
  • Cheddar cheese stick

All three are served with a bag of chips and count as a meal.

Why do you need to know if it counts as a meal? Because they also serve 4 alcoholic beverages that cannot be purchased on their own. All alcoholic beverages must be purchased along with a complete meal.

Soda, coffee, hot cocoa, and water is also available.


Available alcoholic beverages:

  • Modelo Especial
  • The Backlot Michelada
  • Backstreet Brewery Animation
  • Animation IPA Michelada

For dessert, you must try the Apple Pie Funnel Cake Fries!!!! We love these so much that we forgot to take a picture before we began devouring them!

How to Order

There are two ways to order.

The first is to use the mobile ordering feature on the official Disneyland app. Then pick up from the mobile order window.

With the mobile app having issues on our visit, we went old school and ordered at the window.

Where to Eat

Typically, there is a large seating area behind Award Wieners. With that temporarily closed off, they instead made up for the lack of dining space by adding a bunch of tables and chairs, plus pub-like tables to stand and eat at along the street. All are spaced apart to adhere to social distancing guidelines. You will also find several hand sanitizing stations in the area.

What NOT to Order

If you are a park regular and have eaten at the Corn Dog Hut on Paradise Pier, you may remember a sinfully delightful cheese “dog”. Inside the corn dog batter was a gooey and spicy cheese and the outside was covered in what we describe as Cheeto dust. It was the best!!! So when we heard about the cheese stick being available, that is what came to mind. Do not make the same mistake!!!

The cheddar cheese stick is just that. A giant block of cheddar (tasted more like American cheese) is dipped into corn dog batter and fried. Total waste of calories and money, unless you love plain and boring cheddar cheese, and a lot of it! We may have felt differently if it had melted and didn’t remain in the block form inside the batter.

With that said, are you a fan of Disneyland’s corn dogs?

*Just a reminder, during the reopening of Downtown and Buena Vista Street, strollers and wheelchair are NOT currently available for rent.

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