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How To Throw A Disney Inspired Valentine’s Day Celebration

Surprise your loved one with a Disney Valentine’s Day celebration!

This will be the first year in a long time that my husband and I will not be celebrating our love at Disneyland. And unless our indoor and outdoor eating ban is lifted before then, celebrating at home will be our only option.

Whether the area you live in is still locked down or not, celebrating at home really is the safest way to honor your love, so why not do it Disney style?

To help you, we have put together a few fun themes that are perfect for a party of two or the whole family!

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Have a Ball

Throw a Cinderella style ball and dance the night away with romantic Disney music.

Whether it is a private party of two or a family affair, have everybody dress as their favorite Disney princess or prince!

Pick a time to represent midnight for your children. Download a grandfather clock notification sound to your cellphone and set it to go off at their bedtime. So that you and your beloved can enjoy a romantic moonlit dance.

The next morning present them with a plastic “glass” slipper filled with a little treat like Skittles or M & M’s.

Share a Romantic Dinner with this Disney Valentine’s Day Celebration

Enjoy a romantic dinner for two with a Lady and the Tramp themed meal.

Whether you cook it together or have it delivered, set a table with a tablecloth, cloth napkins, and candles. Depending upon ability and age, older children can be cooks and servers.

For dessert, make a Disney themed treat! Purchase Mickey Mouse ice-cream bars from Walmart or if you live in southern California, drop by Marceline’s and bring home something freshly made by a Disney confectioner.

Get Goofy

Have a ton of fun by showing your fun-loving side!

Wear Disney inspired Valentine’s t-shirts or bound as your favorite character.

Make or purchase Disney Valentine cards for each other. Share the love by giving extras to your neighbors. Place them on their doors or car windshields.

Save the Planet with this Valentine’s Day Celebration

With this Disney inspired Valentine’s Day celebration, you’ll get to show your love for each other and the planet like Wall-E and Eve.

Caring for the planet doesn’t have to be a huge event, all it needs is one, two, or however many people you have in your family to make a difference!

Arm yourselves with trash bags, garbage pickers, work gloves, and reflective vests if you will be roadside. Then head out to clean up your street, neighborhood, park, beach, or an area that you know needs a little love.

Throw a Disney inspired Valentine's Day celebration! The Mouseketeers share four themed ideas that are perfect for a party of two or the whole family! #disneystyle #familyfun #trueloveskiss

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